Oh, yeah Happy Dawson's Creek Day! Today is the prom and I read somewhere that Jack and Tobey (the other gay guy) share this big passionate kiss. Oooooooo. Hehe. I'll be back around nine I guess then. :)
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*wines* I'm siiiiick. My poor nose has seen too many tisuues. *cough cough* Ugh.
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I'm sotm over at nsyncposse.com thanx to MaryAnne. :)
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Good morning. Eeel, I have to go to school! *weeps*
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I was just watching Buffy and that preview voice guy was like there is only 3 more episodes until the series finale. Series finale? This can't be. I can't get used to Buffy not playing. This is so sad. Woah.......Buffy has been on that long? What about Seventh Heaven? Are they leaving me too?!
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I'm dotm at endlesspop thanks to Artie! Thank you Artie. :)
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Hi! So, it's May! Happy May! I know too many people with May birthdays. Anyway, yesterday my mother was cleaning and she found a scrap book I bought in 1997 of Leonardo Dicaprio. The scurrry (haha scurry) thing is that I never remember buying that. I liked Leo? Woah...I didn't even remember. Sixth grade is getting a little fuzzy. ::sniff:: Oh...memories. So DC's albumn came out today....ehh...I'll buy it like saturday. Maybe I should buy their second albumn too. Heh, all I own is their first one. Remember that no no no song. I used to love that song.
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Sometimes I run
away from school, sometimes i like it
but all I really want is to blow it up, burn it down
then kill some teachers
maybe i'll like school sometime

I'm finally out of there! I did not feel good today. My stupid throat. But the day was still alright. It was hot today. I finally got to wear no jacket to school and its going to be hotter tomorrow. Weeeeee. Well, the last day today on TRL for BSB's "The Call". Awwwwww. Anyhoo, still no luck with the tickets. I asked my mom to come with me (because she likes them better than n sync) and she told me to check the ticket prices...then she said no. But my sister said she'll give me half of the money. So there is still a chance. *crosses fingers* On a big happy note: only 35 more days till my nsync concert! Well, I should do my homework now so I don't have to do it during my opta tomorrow. Later.
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Yo listen up
Here's a story about a little girl that lives in a boring world
And all day and all night and everything she sees is just boring like her
Inside and outside
Bored her house with the boring little window and a boring corvette
And everything is boring for her and herself and everybody around
Cause she ain't got nobody to play with...

I'm bored da ba dee...

I have a bored house with a bored window
Bored is the style of all that I ware
Bored are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a boyfriend and he is so bored
Bored are the people here that walk around
Bored like my corvette it's in and outside
Bored are the words I say and what I think
Bored are the feelings that live inside me

I'm bored da ba dee...

Inside and outside
Bored her house with the boring little window and a boring corvette
And everything is boring for her and herself and everybody around
Cause she ain't got nobody to play with...

I'm bored da ba dee...
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Hey people. I'm trying to get BSB tickets for July but my mother is being ify. I'm not going to cry if I don't go but I just want the experience of going to a BSB concert. Well, tomorrow is school AGAIN. Maybe I'll have fun since the weather is nice. I feel like going to sites. Off I go!
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New layout! I'm done! I thought I would be putting this thing up forever. My eyes hurt from staring at the screen for so long. Do you know how long I've been online? Owww......::yawn:: I'm tired. Goodnight people.
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So my plan of being an insomniac did not work. Me and Jen decided to go to McDonalds. Then after that we went to the park where this boy kept bugging her and me. Weirdo. But she knows him. Then after the park we went to the movies and saw The Forsaken and didn't come home until like 10:30. So I was tired after being outside all day. But that movie was freaky. Eww so much blood and nudity. But you know who was in it? JACK! hehe. You know, Kerr Smith and that other guy from Roswell. Brendan or something. I enjoyed the movie though. Well now that I'm awake and showered and dressed I might as well go grocery shopping. Toodaloo.
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Wait, before I leave I had to post this. Jennifer at her happiest time of the day. Eating cake. Oh, and this pic is old. haha.

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Hola people. I got my paint shop pro in the mail and it's FRIDAY! Wooooh! Celebrate good times come on! Da na na na. Hehe. I'm so happy and so tired. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to lying in my bed and watching the blue lagoon on the super station. :) "Lucky" is still a nick pick on nickelodean? Don't they know the song is old already? Anyway, I'm going to take a shower and watch TRL and then try to go to sleep and wake up later so I can be an insomniac tonight. BYE!
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I knew it! She's not pregnant. Did you see the ittle wittle baby that Gail had? Awww, it's a girl! Next week comes the real prom. Joey looked better at her Junior prom. And what's with piss head Pacey and his whole "why are you with me!?" speech? I will not let this happen Pacey! Anyway, I'm happy. That's my happy pill for the week. Hehe. Goodnight my little prettys. When is my Paint Shop Pro coming in the mail? ...........................
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In that new Mandy song is she saying "nothing but panties in my pocket"? I'm confused. Hehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FRANCES! Hope 15 is a good year for you hun. Heh. Anyway oh yes, it's a double holiday. HAPPY DAWSON'S CREEK DAY! You knew that was coming, didn't you? Didn't you? Liar. So, is she pregnant or not? I vote not. Joey just can't be. It would be hard for me to accept. Oh looky, Jennifer is home. I'll be back later. :)
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